An alien Princess

I am Liudmila Vasileva and I am an artist based in Russia, Perm. Here I show my Princesses or other creatures made by my hands. I would like to be apprehended with no any words, but with all my images only.
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My favorite Princesses last year


Needle felted doll, OOAK, approx. 30 cm, 2012.

“Walking” from “8 a.m.” once again.

“Walking” from “8 a.m.”

Felt sculpting, OOAK, 25 cm in hight, 2012.

The face of Princess and…

“Reflection” from “8 a.m.” once again.

The face of Princess…

“Reflection” from “8 a.m.”, a new doll project.

Felt sculpting, OOAK, 32 cm in hight, 2012

Princess in the Dragons’ kingdom

"The play with signs". Felt sculpture, approx. 20 cm tall, OOAK, 2012.

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